Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Passive-Aggressive Much?

In honor of wordless Wednesday (and because I have little to say but I want my last post to fall off...) here are some fabulous PANs (and their translations) from Warsaw.

This one hangs on the wall of our favorite pizza place:

It reads "True Italian pizza is eaten without added sauce." Meaning, "Hell no! We will not give you ketchup for your pizza!"

This one takes a little more backstory. This car:

has been sitting at the end of my street for several years now. We use it as a landmark to tell people where to turn. Several complaints have been lodged with the homeowner's association, yet they always claim that the person who has parked this car here has a legal right to park it here and refuses to move it.

Someone (not us, I swear!) left this note taped to the window:

It reads

The sign was removed the next day. And then someone busted out the window.


  1. I have had neighbors with "historic" cars on blocks sitting for years in their driveway that never ever moved!!! I considered it art for fun. You should paint the car too and call it art.

  2. Oh, you should see signs around here! With first grade spelling mistakes and all! About doors, cars, laundry... you name it!

    Why would anyome smash the window of such a nice car? We have quite a few names for it, including FLEA, PITCHIPOKI and CALIMERO. What do the Poles call it?

  3. Good Lord! Who would put ketchup on a pizza? It already has tomato sauce!

  4. Heeheehee! Great notes, especially the one on the car. A junked/wrecked car appeared in our development a few weeks ago. Now, I might point out that our HOA has forbidden birdfeeders because THEY are an eyesore, they are very strict about the composition and manicure of each lawn, and they feel that 3 or more cats in a home is unacceptable and would presumably lower property values.

    Anyway, the wreck sat there for several weeks, happy as Larry. It finally disappeared, by one means or another, just this week. I half thought of putting a PAN on it that said something like "Dear HOA, THIS is what an eyesore looks like. You are supposed to be doing something besides making arbitrary rules about hedge height and bird feeders, and sticking us with 'dues' every few months." Not that I am irritated or vexed AT ALL :-)

  5. I've never had ketchup with pizza, but my friend says it's good. Ranch however is pretty bomb with pizza... Damn I'm getting pretty hungry now, waiting for my friends to get off work so I can finally go get dinner.

  6. I pretty much just want to walk through my days next to you, as I just want to see what you do and hear your commentary.

    Thanks for tipping me to the PAN site--that's a hoot.

  7. Never knew about pizza and ketchup. I have seen others use Ranch but cannot bring myself to do it. :) tina

  8. Back to say: But I MISS you.

  9. I remember that car. I can't believe its still there! If they take it away I'll be so sad, it was there when I first came there too!


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