Tuesday, June 09, 2009

No Stinkin' Badges

I've spent the last few days wallowing in self pity. I finally got the call about that job that I applied (and interviewed for) OH SO LONG AGO, and *huge surprise this*, I didn't get it.

Instead, they let me know that they hoped they could keep me on the list for temporary help.

I said, "F*ck you." Well, at least I did in my head. I do actually have to see these people on a daily basis, even though I didn't get the job.

Really I said, "No. I have children. I can't drop everything at a moment's notice for temporary employment. But thanks."

But all this wallowing has got me thinking. Why do I really want a paying job? What is the point really?

It's all about badges. Because despite the Mexican bandits of The Treasure of the Sierra Madre insistence that they don't need "no badges", most people in my life have them.

Don't get me wrong; I have badges. Mine are just the color coded lowest of the low - meaning that I am of no importance whatsoever. Which might be worse than having no badges at all.

Perhaps I should become a Mexican bandit.

I am so far behind in so many things. I owe my two children, whose birthday fall within two days of one another, their birthday posts. So, birthday posts forthcoming.


  1. Definitely become a Mexican bandit. It's got loads of sex appeal.

    So can I call you Zapata? Or is that Zapati, being feminine....

  2. I thought you were a Mexican bandit so this is all a surprise to me.

  3. You are totally Mexican bandit material!

    Really though, I know how discouraging this sort of thing is. If I had a dime for every time I've been told (during the last 18 months) that I am "qualified for the job, but there are other applicants who are more qualified"...I wouldn't even need to work anymore.

    We are living in an economic environment where unemployed ex-CEOs are fighting over barista jobs at Starbuck's. So, that leaves the rest of us ordinary Joes, and Jorges, out in the cold.

  4. You should make a Mommy badge for yourself with all that material you have at home and wear it through out your day.

  5. Mexican bandits probably have alot of fun and excitement.

  6. Hope all is well! Wanted to say hi...

  7. That sucks.

    I think being a Mexican bandit would probably pay better though. Just don't get caught!

  8. Seems like Latina's have more fun these days.

    Sorry about the job! Something else will turn up!

  9. If my mom was a Mexican bandit, I'd share it with everybody loud and proud... DO IT.

    What kind of cake are you going to get for the kids? Rum cake?

    My siblings and I are all born one month from each other (May, June, and July)My momma would just celebrate all of our birthdays together on one day to save money... and of course so she wouldn't suffer from a huge 3 month long headache. Hope the birthday celebrations go well!!

  10. You know, it pisses me off when you beat up on my friend Kylie like that. You obviously don't know her very well. If you did, you would know that she's an absolutely cool woman, seemingly selfless mom and most excellent blogger who always has nice things to say to and about other people.

    Not another unkind word about her, or I will come over there and punch you in the keyboard. Consider yourself warned.


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