Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Saddest Thing

I am currently taking a class called Writing for Publication. I'm taking it as an elective part of my degree completion because I love to write.

I know, you never had any idea.

Last week, we were assigned to teams. Aside from the fact that my teammate never actually posted the paper I was supposed to edit, everything went well.

Then yesterday, our instructor sent me his paper. Something ridiculous about how she couldn't really give me a grade if I didn't actually do any work.

Here's an excerpt from his paper (I would have posted the whole thing, but I think you would have wanted to shoot yourself in the head after reading it. At least that's what I wanted to do.):

30,000 children needlessly died today! Annually speaking 11,000,000 children needlessly and pointlessly die each year from the most minor of symptoms. The worst part about this fact is that these “children” are aged 5 and under, so the number is much, much higher. Children in “developing nation”, as if they are just becoming civilized, are getting the short straw from the medical companies. It’s amazing how medicine that is used to help and even save lives, are being greatly misused to created so much misery. It’s incredibly ironic. Children in third world nations are dying from not the diseases but of the world apathetic feelings towards them. Ask the average western or westernized citizen how many people die a year from a common cold. A common cold! And they’d probably look at you with a perplexed look as if they were thinking, “who in the world dies from a common cold.” What a person in a “first world nation” or “advanced nation” considers a minor cold is a disease to children in a “developing nations”. But why is this?

You want to know the saddest part about all of this? He's a student in the degree program for professional writing.

And I am not.


  1. Eeek. That's almost as bad as my son's first grade teacher who thought Benjamin Franklin was the third President.

  2. I only read the first two sentences. Maybe the instructor gave you a really bad sample so you can get the most out of this peer editing exercise? Still, that would mean your instructor is a total ass for putting you through so much pain. Please don't hurt yourself because of this class. I like reading your blog.

  3. *rummages around for gun before remembering that we don't have any guns over here*

  4. Is there a difference between western and westernized? I really must know.

    Jeeze! That is sad!

  5. His degree! Yes, seriously!
    Did you know? This is his paper!


    I mean, "Yikes!"

  6. if that person can get into a professional writer's degree program, maybe I should dust off the old transcripts and applications :-) Holy cow. Or should I say, Holy "Cow"!!!

  7. Sniff, Sniff! Sad to think this is our future!

  8. And I try so hard to keep my students from enrolling in other courses...

    This is seriously what my students turn in. I'm so sorry you're having to work with it.


  9. i don't get it. why is "children" apostrophed? are they posing as children? does the author not believe they're children?



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