Monday, October 23, 2006

The Aluminum Man Part 1

So this weekend was a full one with the promotion party, the promotion and the Aluminum Man. Dylan's officially a Chief now!

We went to Akosombo to do the Aluminum Man mini triathalon. Dylan ran, swam and biked. It was a good time. However, in true Ghanaian fashion there were anomalies. The hotel we stayed in had no A/C...which makes for an uncomfortable night's sleep. I'm not too into camping so it was like camping with a tin roof that mangos fall on all night. Sounds like you're being bombed. We ordered dinner at about 4 PM and then went to drive the route they'd be taking the next day. When we arrived back at the hotel, well of course the food was not ready. So we all waited patiently and probably 45 min to an hour later, still no food. The concept behind ordering early is that they will have your food when you are actually ready, but that never happens. They don't begin cooking the food until you return. I have yet to see this theory work. It doesn't matter if you order then or at breakfast time. So we wait and wait and finally Joy and Dylan, Pamela, Seth and Toby's food all arrives. Dylan asks about mine and then takes the boys to have a bath. She comes back and says that he didn't order the food for me. See, it's not on the list! They had written everything down and had failed to write down my food. But what had actually happened was that they had written everything down on a notepad and then copied it onto a new sheet of paper and failed to copy that down. So I told her to forget it and went back to the room with Blaise and ate granola bars because you always bring food with you for this very reason. I was joined by a praying mantis who was an uninvited guest in my room and he refused to leave. I made a deal with him that he was to stay on his side of the room and I would stay on my side of the room and we'd be okay. But when I awoke in the morning, he had not kept his side of the bargain. Posted by Picasa

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