Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Avalanche of Penne

Went to the commissary today and when I got to the gate there was already someone waiting to get in. So I put on my left turn signal and waited. Someone pulled up behind me and sat there and then several other people went around him. He apparently got irritated so he pulled up next to me to block me from turning and then was blocking the whole road. He wound up driving off, but it was all a bit weird.

When I got to the DPO (it's inside the commissary) the key wouldn't work in the lock on our box. So we went inside and asked the clerk if there was mail. He said yes, what's your box number. I told him and then watched as he took the mail out of our box and put it back in, took the mail out of the box above ours and put it back in, asked me my last name, then picked up the mail in our box and then the one above ours again. Then finally brought me my mail and asked me if it was mine. You'd think that with as slow and deliberate as they are, they'd get things right. Then I said, are there packages? Oh, yes...he gets me packages and they make us fill out this annoying form for each package. So I took the ones he offered me (they have this interesting system of piles for their packages) and left. I then told Dylan that he should stop by on the way home and try to see if there was at least one missing. There wound up being one more that they didn't give me.

After we took the packages out to the car (one of the things that annoys me here is that everyone wants to help, I don't know why I get annoyed by that, but I can carry my own packages thank you!), we came back in to pick up some food for dinner. I had meant to get penne, but when I realized how late it already was I knew that penne was not going to be for dinner tonight. So I grabbed a bag of penne anyway and some other stuff to throw on. In the meantime, Toby had turned off the freezers (all the outlets here have on/off switches and Toby roamed the commissary turning off the switches). When I got up to the checkout, I heard something fall off the shelf, I looked back and a bag of penne had fallen...and then as I watched, another and another. The penne just avalanched onto the floor. And, unfortunately, when the bags of penne hit the tile floor...they bust open. Now, I hadn't touched the penne in about 5 minutes, but here I am penne falling off the shelf behind me and I'm holding a bag of penne. Um, yes, I suppose I DID cause the penne avalanche, why do you ask?

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