Monday, October 09, 2006

Well, Saturday was eventful. We had to try to find Ana's house in the dark. All was well until we got to Kwame Nkrumah circle where they have the road to Achimota blocked off on one side. So we drive into incoming traffic, which is totally normal, and make our way north. They are doing an incredible construction job on this particular road and have been since we got here. It's going to be very nice (for about 2 months) after they get it done, but for's awful!

We made it to where the road is "closed" (which means there are concrete barriers up, but the spaces between them are easily wide enough to fit a car so the road isn't really closed). We continue through, past all the traffic piled up on the left side of the road, until we come to where the road really is closed (by this I mean, it just sort of drops off into oblivion) and there's a way to get in to the left side of the road. Luckily (HAHAHAHA!) there is a traffic cop there directing all the people (it amused me that he's dressed in the black cop's uniform of Ghana, at night with no streetlights and isn't even wearing white gloves or a flourescent vest). Apparently the person in front of us, with Cote D'Ivoire license plates, had royally ticked off the cop because the cops are passive-aggressive here. They don't give you a ticket or anything, they just don't let you ever have a turn to go. He kept yelling at the guy in front of us. Finally though, he did let us go-otherwise I wouldn't be posting this, I'd still be sitting there waiting.

Dylan then impressively found his way back to Ana's street, where we promptly fell off the road into the concrete ditch when turning too close (there was a taxi blocking the entrance to the street). I have never seen Ghanaians move so fast as they did when we just came right up out of that ditch in the direction of the chop bar on the corner. Dylan's a great defensive driver so we didn't hit anyone, but it was scary for those he was headed for at first.

We dropped Ana off and went a different way home, which was easier and mostly uneventful until we almost hit a dog that ran across the street not too far from our house, but that happens everywhere, not just Africa.

I think that's probably enough excitement for one post. I'll have to save Sunday's adventure for tomorrow:)

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