Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thursday...hey I don't know any songs with Thursday in the title:(

So it's Thursday...not much happening in Sunny Accra.

I'm having an "I'm really sick of having a nanny!" day. It pretty much started yesterday when Toby came inside from having been outside and he had a big red mark on his head. I asked Seth what happened because Toby is not that good with the words yet and Seth told me that he was pushing Toby on the skateboard (which, by the way, I have told Pamela about 100 times to keep in the garage so that the boys don't get hurt on it) and Toby fell and hit his head on the concrete. He even showed me where it happened. So I came inside and said, "Toby fell off the skateboard" and I handed Pamela the skateboard and said, "Put this away!" Rose looked at me and said, "Please Madame, Seth hit Toby." I said, "No, Toby fell." Anyway, long story short, Rose was insistant that Seth had hit Toby with the skateboard. So Seth went to time out and I asked Pamela (because she was in the room with Rose) did Rose see this happen? Pamela says, "No, she went out after it happened." So now I am really frustrated with Rose. Yes, Seth COULD have hit Toby, but I really don't believe that he did. Especially because Toby's forehead has that "skinned knee" look to it, as though he scraped it against something.

It's like that a lot. Rose met Toby when he was 8 months old, still a baby, and she can't see him any other way. Even when he obviously instigates Seth. Not that either of them are angels, but I am tired of hearing "Seth what did you do?" everytime Toby starts to cry. Not to mention that Toby has figured that's a fantastic way to get his brother in trouble.

So today, I've just been really agitated with her. And Toby's throwing fits because he wants his way and Rose tries to give him whatever he wants to stop him from crying. It doesn't matter how many times we tell her not to do this, she still does. So frustrating. Pamela asked me yesterday if we were taking Rose with us and I said firmly "No! We're going to hire a nanny in Poland (maybe) who will not defer to us and will keep our rules."

I had a Halloween meeting and that was about useless. Although we did convince the Marine in charge not to invite everyone on the planet. And I'm working on my paper for abnormal psych and the essays that are due this week. Keeping busy...

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