Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sunday-lost at Max Mart

Actually we weren't lost AT MaxMart, we were lost after leaving MaxMart. Accra is so interesting to see (during the day-NEVER at night). Trying to get back we followed some other cars figuring they knew the shortcut (which they did, but not to where we were going). And wound up in Light Industrial. All the areas or neighborhoods of town are named. We live in North Labone (la Bo nay) and Light Industrial is actually a portion of town we'd never seen before, so it was an interesting tour. We found the Coca Cola bottling plant. We also passed some sort of factory that had a lovely sign at their front entrance "We may not be the best, but we can certainly do better". I have to go back to Light Industrial just to get a picture of that sign.

Then Monday, we had to take the Explorer to the Ford dealership. Our friends here who have a 2005 Explorer have had their car in more than they have had it out over the last 3 months. They've replaced the fuel pump 4 times in their Explorer. Ours is threatening to go out, but hasn't yet. We had to take ours in for the rear a/c because when turned on it makes a horrible thumping noise as though we have someone trapped in the wheel well. The trip there is uneventful, at least as uneventful as it gets living here. But going back was interesting. Dylan went alone and traffic was down to one lane on Ring Road because of a stalled car and tro-tros. The tro-tros stop along the side of the road to pick up travelers and they just block the road while people get on. My favorite is when they actually pull around you and cut you off so that they can stop right in front of you.

Well, the Explorer made it back but we're waiting on a part. They have temporarily fixed it so that there's no noise, but it'll be about 6 weeks before we can have it truly fixed. The guy at the dealership suggests that we sell the Explorer here. Which is what we'll probably do.

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