Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tuesday-lack of motivation

I seem to be motivated enough to blog, but not really motivated enough to do anything else. Perhaps I should have more coffee.

Dylan's stressing about our party on Friday. We don't have anything for it yet. The paper goods haven't arrived via DPO (although the wonderful lady from the DPO called me today and said she'll be on the lookout for our stuff:). The beer hasn't made it through customs yet. I'm not that stressed, but then I feel like you don't really need much to make for a good party. Lots of friends and music and we're good.

I'm just going to babble on about personal things today instead of going over fun things about living in Ghana. I figure some of them will spill over into each other anyway. I mean, I live here right? I 've been going back and forth about getting a job. The CLO job is still open, and I liked it the last time I did it. Now I am kind of short, we leave in the summer, but I'm sure they would be happy to have someone for a short time. Then I could not feel so bad about the cost of college and other stuff that I am saving for. I got my tuition bill this morning...guess that's part of my lack of motivation. On the plus side, I still have a 95 in abnormal psych. I didn't get 100 on my last essay, but I am okay with that. I didn't put nearly as much effort into as I had in the last one. I thought school was going to keep me busier than it has been. I still have periods of boredom, and particularly when I look at the clock, like now, and realize that while it seems like it's been a long day...it's only 10:46. Not even time for lunch yet. Maybe I should up my course load.

Seth has a playdate today with Mia. We finally got the day down.

Okay, I got more coffee...When I opened the fridge to get the milk, I saw the olives that Joy had brought me back from the States in there. That was so sweet of her. I told her once that I try olives all the time and they're terrible, but there's something wrong with me because I just keep trying them even though I know they're going to be terrible. I only like Spanish olives, and she brought me back a jar. Isn't it funny how such a small gesture can mean so much.

I was just reading how blogger now has an audio function, so you can make an audio blog, which would be great for my dad-I mean for me to blog and my dad to listen to-but he has no mp3 player. I'll have to read more about it.

Well, I suppose I should wrap this for now. I know I hate reading really long blogs. Maybe I'm ADD.

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