Monday, March 24, 2008


Unfortunately, I have for you a cutesy story today.

Pamela played Easter Bunny yesterday while the rest of us were at church. In so doing, she also, knowing her brothers would LOVE it - made them a treasure map of where the eggs were. How adorable is that?

And, in another semi funny story: Pamela served at the Easter Vigil on Saturday, so I went along - she'd need a ride home:). There were approximately 50 people there, which is quite low for our church which is packed on Sundays. At the end of mass, Father

Wiesław said thank you to the altar servers, the readers, the choir, the people who did the flowers, and "those who came without their spouses because their spouses had to stay home and watch the children". I looked around and was like "Hmm, that's me." I mean how much more specific could he be? "I'd like to thank Kylie for coming."

Afterwards, I was all like, "Hey, father! Thanks for the shout out! Peace out!"


  1. Cute story! Love Pamela's map.

  2. Love the treasure map idea for the Easter Egg Hunt.

  3. Pamela is such a sweetheart! what a cute story!

  4. You are too funny! Peace out to the Priest!


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