Friday, March 07, 2008


So when Dylan and Toby were gone he called me one day and told me "I got you a present. It's a surprise!"

When they got back, he says "Do you want to see what I got you?" I said yes, of course.

So here it is:
What do you think he's trying to say?

And, because I'm going to pick on him for a bit, the night he and Toby returned, I made turkey burgers for dinner. He said, "Wow! Real meat? What's the occasion?" For those of you who know my husband, you know that he "doesn't eat meat" and he'll go into his whole spiel about how he doesn't eat it and why, and every lent when our family talks about what we're giving up he responds "I give up meat all year. It's my sacrifice." This year, I started making a LOT of vegetarian dishes (I'm not all that crazy about meat myself, but I do eat it), and Mr. Vegetarian has been complaining about it. He'll run down to the store (or send Pamela) and get kabanosy (a dried skinny Polish sausage of sorts), so that he can have his meat fix.

I love him anyway:).

*in all fairness to him, he does eat meat, but only poultry and fish, no red meat or pork. But he is nowhere NEAR vegetarian.


  1. Is there a boxing match in your future? Love the pink gloves! Too cute.

    Oh yeah..lots of snow..very little sticking around though!

  2. Boxing gloves? And pink at that!
    Are you going to give Rocky a run for his money?

  3. I LOVE your pink boxing gloves...too fun...he thinks your a bad ass...LOL

  4. Love the pink boxing gloves, you need to post a pic of you boxing now!


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