Thursday, March 06, 2008

Toby - New and Improved Version!

They're back!

After a 15 hour train trip, 10 days away, a surgery and a 2 hour flight, they're back! When I picked Toby and Dylan up at the airport, Toby jumped into my arms and we just hugged and hugged (even though he's the middle boy and no one really cares about the middle child;). When I finally strapped Toby into his car seat, Dylan looked at me and said "Do I get a hug?" I said, "Ah, you're secondary. This is my baby!"

And this is the new and improved Toby. His new features: instead of not actually being able to hear you, he now IGNORES you (but you can tell because he smiles while he does it)! When asked why he insists on being so loud, he responds that it's because of his ears. Same as the old features: smiles like a goof when you take a photo of him:).


  1. oh Kylie!!! I'm so happy you have your baby back and that he is well!!

  2. Great picture! I am so glad that he is back home and doing so much better.

  3. Yea! I know that you are so happy and I am happy for you. He is precious.

  4. I know you are so happy to have all of your family together again and that Toby is feeling better! This is so exciting. That picture is priceless..such a happy boy!


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