Monday, March 03, 2008

It's a sick house! - insert music here

I've been playing around with my blog name. I wanted something more creative than who we are and where we are (no to mention that I always get a little freaked out when someone in Warsaw leaves me a comment, which is funny because I think Amy and Trevor think I'm stalking them;).

I think I have decided on "I've been everywhere" which is, at least the best known version in the States, the title of a Johnny Cash song. Americans have probably heard it on the Quality Inn or Best Western commercials. A little bit of trivia, it's actually an Australian song, the names were changed throughout other countries, but it started out in Australia! GO AUSSIES!:)

My kids are all sick, all the ones that are here at least. While this usually makes my job a little bit easier, it is also inevitable that I will get the sickness. I will be the last one, of course.

We had a scare over the weekend. Pamela had some friends over and they were watching "The Shining" (yes, I do know what a bad mother this makes me, but it kept them fairly quiet and out of my hair). I set the alarm and went to bed. At about midnight, the alarm went off. Now, when the alarm goes off it alerts the embassy and the local guards, usually we set it off accidentally by opening a door or window without disarming the system (or walking around in the attic, but who does that really??). The girls were freaked out. Then shortly after I disarmed the alarm and convinced the embassy and the local guards that we were really alright, our chime that tells us when a door or window opens went off twice (indicating that the door was opened and then closed). The next morning, after a horrid night of sleep due to the unexpected alarm and the horrible winds, I suspected that one of the girls had done it to freak the other girls out (they were watching a scary movie) and then got the shock of her life when the alarm went off. Once I got a chance to talk with Pamela without the other girls, she described all the events and one of the girls was not in the room with them each time something weird happened. So obviously it was one of the girls.

My only dilemma here (because I found it hysterically funny imagining what this girl had done when the alarm went off) is whether she should be allowed at my house again. It disrupted my sleep, which is really my biggest problem with it.

See ya later, from the sick house!


  1. Sorry everyone is sick...load up on Vitamin C and maybe you'll get lucky...that does sound really scary, maybe you should have a talk with the girl or her mom? I don't think letting your kids watch the Shining makes you a bad mom...LOL..there is waaaay worse out there!

  2. I guess I was like that girl when I was her age so I say give her a break, it is kinda funny! Anyway you are sick and sleep deprived right now. Seriously I hope your week gets better.

  3. I hope everyone is feeling better. I remember watching the Shining. It scared me. I think the girls thought they were having fun, but it is not a fun I would like. :-)

  4. I remember pulling practical jokes when I was young and not really realizing the consequences. I believe it is all part of being young. I would just have a chat with the girl and her parents.

    I hope everyone feels better soon.


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