Thursday, March 13, 2008

Signs, signs, Everywhere a sign!

Yesterday I started out thinking that I would go out and take 12 pictures on the 12th. In doing so, I found all my favorite signs. So today, since I'm feeling silly, here's my favorite signs on my normal 40+ miles a day commute (not reducing my carbon footprint all that much).

This is an ad for a TV show. The name translates to 39 and a Half. This ad alone made me very interested in this show. It's actually a pretty interesting show, even if it is all in Polish and I only understand about half;).

This ad just confuses me. My best translation of this is "Beware (of) me Father" or perhaps "I should beware, Father". Really, totally confusing. I'm working on getting a Polish friend to give me a better translation and perhaps it will make more sense. But Pamela and I figure it's for a clothing line called Virginity. Just a really weird sign. Updated: It means "Keep an eye on me, Father" which makes much more sense, but is still weird.

This one is one of many shops around town that sell "Cheap Clothing". I don't know if they have actual names or if they are a chain of "Cheap Clothing". I've never been in, but I'm actually quite interested. In some of them the price is based on how much it weighs. Which sounds fun, and if I ever had a "partner in crime" as my friend Patty says, I'd TOTALLY check these places out.

This is my ABSOLUTE favorite sign. It's a road sign and it says that there's construction on Puławska (a major artery) from 29 Feb. - 30 June. It says there's a detour on either Sikorskiego or Sobieskiego, but it's where this one is located that makes me love it so much. It's on my way to Seth's school, and because of this sign, my commute time is cut by 30-45 minutes each day. It TOTALLY rocks!

And I got two packages yesterday. One from JoAnn's:

And one from Lisa, Toby's godmother and one of my best friends:

She spoils us all rotten and we LOVE her for it:). I think Toby knows her handwriting because when he saw the package he REALLY wanted to see what was in it. Forget that stupid JoAnn's box, this has got to have candy in it (although he was eager for books really).

And in the last two days I've broken 100 miles in my virtual walk! I'm still behind (that week off killed me) but I'm catching up!


  1. Great photos and looks like some wonderful Happy Mail too. Sounds like an awesome day!

  2. I feel like I spent the day with you. I will totally go to the cheap clothes place with you next time I'm in Poland! Way to go on your walking, too.

  3. I am signing that song now..
    Sign Sign everywhere a sign
    Blocking out the scenery breaking my mind
    Do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign .....

    Be glad you can't hear my out of tune voice!
    I almost bought the Scrapbook Play magazine yesterday. But I refrain. I have lots of idea books but I really liked the ideas in the book..but then I thought the internet has just as many ideas and it is free! So instead I bought a acrylic tab album.


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