Friday, March 14, 2008

Giant Freaks!

Okay, I'd seen these ones around town and today I actually drove out of my way to take the pictures. I laughed out loud at these ones. You don't need a translation as it doesn't matter what the sign actually says, but do you get the impression from these signs that Poles are a race of giants?
It's really hard to see in the second one, because I had to take this photo from across the street while driving (gasp) but the line at her neck says 6'0" (this blonde has got to be at least 6'7", is there a woman out there who is that tall?).

My sister is 5'11" and says she feels like a drag queen when she wears heels...imagine what this woman feels like:).


  1. OMG...That second woman is too tall. I would feel so small next to her.

    I am still singing the sign sign everywhere a sign..thanks! NOw it will be forever stuck in my head tonight. ;-)

  2. Are you sucking up to tall Polish women? They read your blog don't they?

  3. AND drag queens?

    Have you no shame?

  4. At 5'3", I guess I would be considered a midget against that 6"7" blonde.

  5. that is so funny...and if 5'3 is a midget then I guess I'm a troll...LOL


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