Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Graffiti, an art form?

Here Amy's sending people to me to see how my walking is going and I was out for a week with strep and birthday:). But I have gone 123.45 miles since February 4th.

I have come to appreciate graffiti as an art form. And a kick ass art form at that.

Here in Warsaw there is one really L O N G wall on Puławska that the graffiti artists use to showcase their work. I don't know the process of getting the wall, but I know since the last time I was here (2004), all of the panels have changed except the one with the horses. Unfortunately, the vandals, who just enjoy painting their names and nonsensical things, come along and "ruin" the graffiti artists' art as well.

Today I went shopping for socks. I have always owned cotton socks. Plain, white, cotton socks. This was a throwback from my childhood, because my parents only ever bought me the plain, white, cotton socks so I continued with that tradition. Recently I read that cotton socks can contribute to blisters and was like, "DUH!" that's why I get blisters when I walk/run (I pretty much ALWAYS have blisters). So I had to go buy some non cotton socks. Not a real big problem because I'm not sure you can find pure cotton socks here. But can someone please explain to me the colors?


  1. I have seen some awesome graffiti art, these people are really talented. I love your colorful socks!

  2. I love that wall! We have a wall about a mile from our house that is very long like that, but it was painted by a college student named Erika and her friends. It is nothing but wonderful flowers that are a bit abstract and very bright. I just love this sort of thing. Maybe she got the idea from yours. I have tried to find a photo online but am unable. I'll have to take a picture so that I can share it with you. Our local hardware store provided the paint. It's really sweet.

  3. Graffiti art is pretty cool. I don't see a whole bunch in this small town except maybe on the train trailers..LOL

    Love the colored socks! I didn't know that about white cotton socks causing blisters. Funny thing about socks..all of my black dress socks have disappeared (or I really need to do some laundry) and I had to wear my black Valentine socks with a teddy bear and red hearts. People asked me what was on my socks all day long at work.

  4. I think the socks are really cool...I actually purposely seek crazy socks that don't match my clothes and sometimes each other..guess it's the nonconformist in me trying to escape in the form of freaky footwear...

  5. I love those walls - great sock photos too :)


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