Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Why don't you get a job?

It cracks me up that you all like my pink boxing gloves. I like them too, and the kids and I have fun playing with them (although I have banished them to the closet for now because when they are in sight the two older boys put them on and beat each other up with them).

This comment from Amy had me laughing and thinking:

"I LOVE your pink boxing gloves...too fun...he thinks your a bad ass...LOL"

The part that got me thinking was the "bad ass". Am I a bad ass? No, I'm pretty much a wuss. I can't tell people off, I can't criticize anyone, I suck as a leader, heck, I can't even ask Toby's preschool to refund the money for the time that he wasn't there (2 weeks missed for surgery). The worst she can tell me is no, but for some reason I can't bear to hear it.

I skipped the Lenten retreat on Saturday because I chickened out. I can't go into a room with people I don't know without a tremendous amount of anxiety, which usually makes me not try new things.

I could so totally become agoraphobic, especially with the life we live. And then I would sit in my house and blog all day...hey...

And speaking of fear, here's me on the motorcycle going out for a ride (we went down to the Shell station and back):

So it's very cool that Dylan thinks I'm a badass, 'cause I SO don't think I am:).


  1. As far as I'm concerned, a wuss wouldn't get on the back of that motorcycle! No way would I do that even when I was younger.

  2. I have to agree with Judy...we rarely see ourselves as others do...you badass..(grin)

  3. Kylie, the badass!!! :-) I think riding a motorcycle would be fun..as long as we went at a very safe speed..about 25 mph. Hahahahahahahahahahah


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