Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dead cats? Anyone?

Last night as I went out to throw out the garbage (we have this weird little square brick "house" for our garbage) there was a cat on our garbage can trying to get in to the trash (the garbage can was open a little). I'm pretty tired of these cats because most of them actually belong to people and just roam around the neighborhood and get into the trash.

I'd been thinking of telling some of the people that I know if I see their cat in my garbage again I'm going to poison them, but that sounded too harsh. I'll just send my incontinent cat over to pee on them.


  1. I can totally relate. But we have had a problem with stray cats every since we moved into this house almost 6 years ago. It started with the lady that lived across the street. She had many cats. When she moved she left every single cat there. I know this sounds bad but we live across the street from a Chinese restaurant and the owners started feeding the cats. (We live on a corner) Then I noticed other people were leaving food out for the cats. But the cats thought my front porch were good for lounging. Then slowly the cats have disappeared. One of my other neighbors would trap them and take them to the pound or one would get hit by a car. Finally after almost 6 years, I think we have gotten rid of the strays. Also the restaurant closed this year. There has been one momma cat that has been around since Addie was born but I haven't seen her in a few weeks. She would have kittens in our yard and drive Winston insane. But Bill threatened to put poison out numerous times. Oh and I called animal control after the lady moved out. I was told I could rent a trap from them and bring the cats to the pound but they would not come out to get the stupid cats.
    Sorry, didn't mean to make this a book!

  2. I hate that people let their cats roam when they are so easy to keep inside, except for your cat! People should just be more considerate and get them spayed and neutered. Oops, just remembered I need to clean the litter box (yuck). Thanks for reminding me!


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