Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy Mail!!!

Yesterday I received some *happy mail* from *Dianna* (you must put stars 'cause Dianna's just that sparkly - and I totally mean that in a good way!)

She sent it 'cause I sounded sad on my blog. Now, never mind the fact that she sent it on the 5th of May and it arrived yesterday. She's probably thinking, "Here I was trying to cheer you up and you could have committed suicide in the amount of time it took to get there!" But it still cheered me up! I really appreciate it!

(an aside, part of the reason it took so long to get here is that we've had an extraordinary number of Polish holidays this month and they've all fallen so that it's possible to take a four day weekend).

One of the songs on the CD was "We Are Family" by Sister Sledge, which has inspired a scrapbook page...which is not complete yet. So be waiting.

And, thanks again Dianna! I really do love you guys!


  1. That was so sweet of her. Always like to get happy mail! We are that song..I got all my sisters and me..we are family. Be glad you can't actually hear me sing. I know when Addie gets older she is going to ask me over and over again to stop singing! LOL

  2. How sweet! I know what you mean about *happy mail* and I love it, although my postman hates me! I live on Rural Route so my postman it an independant contract and doesn't actually work for the US Post Office, it's a miracle that I even get mail! I once got a birthday card 6 months late it was postmarked before my birthday, I'm sure he found under the seat in his car!

  3. You're welcome...and I'm glad you are still with us. Next time I will use my psychotic (...or is that psychic?) powers to predict when you're going to feel like cr*p and send it ahead of time.

    Yes I AM family has always called freckles, sparkles...and boy do I have sparkles. Looks like someone threw poo at my face through a screen door. (us artsy folks like visuals so there ya go)

    Keep jammin sista*!*


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