Saturday, May 10, 2008

I'm a kidnapper!

So I’ve had these extra teenage girls hanging around causing havoc living in my house while they’re playing tournaments. I ALWAYS have extra teenage girls hanging around so the only difference is that these ones can’t go home at bedtime. They live in Moscow, so it’s quite a commute. Anyway, since they’ve been here, there’s been at least 4-6 girls in my house at all times. Yesterday there were 4 and I said, “Let’s go to the largest mall in Central Europe!” They’re teenage girls so they’re all like, “WOO HOO! YEAH! I totally need new shoes!”

So we pile into the van and we’re one seat short. We work that out and head to the mall. Whilst at the mall, I ditch lose the girls amidst the swarms of people, pick up a hot biker in the food court and take the boys to Smyk. I receive a panicked call from my daughter a little later. Alarm girl’s mom called her sister and was freaked out that she ran away. Sister called me and asked if she was with me, I said yes. Sister called mom, mom called me and said that Alarm girl needs to come home…whenever…so I guess its okay. Can she spend the night?”

So I kidnapped a kid. Yeah, I’m a kidnapper. I don’t have enough kids of my own so I took someone else’s. But really, how am I supposed to keep track of which ones are mine and which ones are not? There’s just so many of them.


  1. You keep me in stitches, there is never a dull moment at your house is there?!?

  2. You crack me up..kidnapper, eh??? Wonder what's next???


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