Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Happy Birthday to Who?

Dylan's mom forwarded us this email yesterday:

Dear Montana:

"Happy Birthday" from your friends at Baker Jackson Nissan North!

I hope you and Samuel are getting along well and that Samuel is taking good care of you. If you have any bumps and scratches, aches or pains, just come in and see us. We are here to care for you. As always if there is anything I can do, please call me at Baker Jackson Nissan North at 281-890-5656.

I hope you and your owner have an excellent day!

Kevin Allen

General Manager

How many things are wrong with this email? First, Dylan's mom forwarded it to us and she was the previous owner, so they kept her email address and changed the name. Second, we haven't had this car in almost 2 years. And does anyone think it's odd that a person has to write a birthday card to an inanimate object?

Here's my response:

Dear Kevin,

Unfortunately, I have passed away and gone on to Pontiac heaven. Samuel has found a new love, as I always hoped he would. Her name is VX-800 (sounds exotic, no?) and she comes from the land of Suzuki (I think it's in Japan). We need not correspond any longer, as that is frowned upon here, but I do thank you for your birthday wishes.



And here's another LO for y'all. I hand cut the title letters (since I don't
have a Cricut:).

Oh, and yesterday I forgot to say that was my take on Becky's Sketch from the May 2008 issue of Creating Keepsakes.


  1. A birthday email to a car????? That really takes the cake.

    Love your layout -- such a great subject.

    Yes, since you have a US address, you will be entered in the drawing for my blog candy tote.

  2. That is ridiculous, I hope you really did send them a letter. ps...love the layout, you did a great job on the title!

  3. I love your letter back to the dealership..but an email to a car..PLEASE!!!

    Great layout!! You did a great job on the letters. I wouldn't have the patience to do that!


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