Saturday, May 31, 2008

Kylie Unplugged!

Yeah, I'm just unplugging for a few days my friends. I'll be back to chat at y'all sometime next week.

And and old friend from high school wrote to Dylan a couple of days ago and said this
"You know most of us girls look pretty in high school and then go down hill...Kylie has looked prettier each time I've seen her over the years."

This comment just made my day! I wanted to say thank you to Jamie, and I think she sometimes stops by here and sees me. So thanks Jamie, you really did make my day-heck, you made my week.

Have a good break from me:).


  1. What a great compliment! Have a good time being unplugged!

  2. Have a great time unplugging! We will miss your wit!

  3. Kylie, I am ready for you to start blogging again!!!! I have missed your posts.

    Yes, it is the same neighbor that always leaves stuff on my front porch. She is such a sweetie and has a heart of gold.

  4. And here I was hoping to make your acquaintance. :) Maybe I'll see you when you get back!


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