Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Death and the Incontinent Cat

So awhile back I posted the inevitable death of my cat, which has still yet to happen. But yesterday when I heard on the news that Ted Kennedy has a malignant brain tumor and then his buddy, Robert Byrd was in tears saying that he would miss him, I thought, "Aren't these guys pretty old?"

So I googled/wikied them and found that Ted Kennedy is 76 and Robert Byrd is 90!! I turned to Dylan and said, "When you're 90 it's like 'Knock, knock', 'Who's that at the door?', 'It's Death and he's got a taxi waiting!!!'"

Dylan said, "I do NOT want you around when I'm old."

On that note, a scrapbook page:


  1. You crack me up!!! I was thinking the same thing..but I really thought Ted was older than that.

  2. My dog has been knocking on death's door for awhile now and I understand the incontinent part and it sucks! My poor dog is almost as old as Byrd and Kennedy put together (in dog years)!

    You have been feeling scrappy lately, I love your layouts and those pics are great. That water is so blue!

  3. You should mention that people have spent many hours in your house and are sure the cat is just a part of your imagination!! Just kidding.

    Do you like the book you are reading? I read Kite runner and was a bit depressed at the end, have the new one but haven't started it yet.

    Sara C.


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