Thursday, May 08, 2008

Why I shouldn't be allowed in public

Every time we go to anywhere that you find Americans, I am reminded of how my family appears slow.

-In the toilet (see there's an example right there, Americans say "bathroom" or "restroom") in the PX after I washed my hands, I turned to the machine on the wall. It had a button that said "Place hand here", so I did and then stood with my hands up to it - looking a bit like I was worshiping the wall. And then...paper towels came out of it.

-When the MPs asked Dylan what his MOS (his job) was he stood there and repeated slowly "What's my MOS?" like "Wait, wait, I KNOW this one."

-Whenever you ask if they take American money.

-You ask the wait staff for no BBQ sauce on your chicken and they tell you "It comes that way." You're imagining some strange little farm where all the chickens are genetically modified to come with BBQ sauce.

-Even today, I was in our embassy co op and I mentioned that I am sponsoring some teenagers. She asked me where my family was moving to and I said, um, we live here. Then she said, No, the people you're sponsoring. I was like, OH, DUH!

And a picture for you today:

The Polish translates to "Hobby for every family". But look at this close up:

Do these look like people who are enjoying themselves playing this hobby? The kid looks fairly happy, but dad looks like someone dragged him away from Polish Legia (the soccer/football league) to play with his family...and he's not even going to pretend. Makes me want to run out and play golf!


  1. You are too funny Kylie, thanks for making me smile after a very long day!

    The man in the golf ad is really pissed that the one place he can go to get away from his family, they are now tagging along. No 19th hole pit stop for him!

  2. LOL...I agree with Lisa's comment about Dad having to golf with the family.

    You just have to keep your sense of humor when you go out in public!!!


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