Monday, June 23, 2008

Daddy, I want to go to the "new" beach

So my husband, being a wonderful husband...and a man...comes home and says that he and the boys are going to check out a beach this weekend. I said, is it a nude beach? He just laughed.

But because Seth overheard, he said, "Daddy, I want to go to the new beach." And continued to repeat it all weekend long.

So Sunday AFTER CHURCH, we go looking for the "new" beach. Now, mind you, Warsaw is landlocked. We have a river that runs through the middle (which is ironically named "River"), so all "beaches" are actually river beaches...which I would NEVER EVER swim in.

Anyway, I said, You know, even if you find this nude beach - which was dated information the LAST time we were here - it's going to be all men right? Like when D walked through the Tiergarten in Berlin and said, "It's full of naked men. Is this some kind of cultural thing that I am not aware of?"

He said, "You're probably right."

I said, "Can I take pictures and mock you incessantly on my blog?"

He said, "Yes."

So here it is, the nude beach:

We never actually found the beach.


  1. the beach is here!ADFF20B51A15A1CA!8321/

    ..and behind this beach there is an other beach a little bit higher. And behind the2nd beach there is the ZOO ;)

  2. Anonymous,

    Thanks for the tip about the beach!

  3. but the dogs aren't nude!!

  4. LOL...that is too funny! I wonder what Seth would have thought if he say naked people!!! LOL

  5. And yes those dogs aren't nude!!!!

  6. Cute pic, how in the world did the photographer get those dogs to pose!

  7. Cute picture....have you done anymore investigating as to where this beach is supposed to be?

  8. False advertising. Those dogs genitals are covered.

    God, I never thought I'd use those two sentences together.


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