Friday, June 20, 2008

The Job Interview (or how not to get hired)

I was the first to enter and the woman says to me:

L: "Hi, I'm L. I think you live in the building next to me."

Me: "Um, no, I don't think so." (Knowing full well that she is not a Swedish family.)

L: "Yeah, you moved into J.'s building."

Me: "No. I know where she lives and I live outside of town."

L: "Oh, I really thought you lived in that building. So how do you like Warsaw."

Me: "Um, it's good. I've lived here for a year now, so I'm pretty well settled in."

L: "Oh, I thought you were new."

Me: "Ohhhhh. I think you have me confused with Phoebe. Who is 60. And moved here for a particular job at the embassy. And therefore would not be looking for another job. Or at least her supervisors would be pretty ticked to know that. And it would be pretty hard to hide that she decided to take another job with another office in. the. embassy. But thanks."

So I didn't get the job (don't really know yet, but trust me...won't be totally surprising. People don't like it so much when you tell them they're stupid).


  1. Girl, I mean this in a total fun way..but you need to change the title of your blog from "Slightly Cracked" to "Totally Cracked."

    I agree you probably didn't get the job either....but would you really want to work with someone that stupid???? LOL

  2. i love it when people argue about facts. like...people argue with me that i'm not mexican.

    no you're not. you're jewish.
    umm... pretty sure i'm mexican.
    no you're not, you're greek.

  3. I agree with robindiane up there...can you imagine your day?

    I like your haircut.
    U~I didn't get a haircut.

    Yes you did.
    U~No, I didn't.

    Yes you did, it was dragging the floor yesterday.
    U~No, I didn't, it's been this length for over a year.

    You must have just forgotten you got it cut yesterday.

    Then you would punch her and that just does not look good in your file, ya know?


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