Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just another drunk chick out in her underwear

A few days ago, Jenny, The Bloggess posted about her experience showing up at a live news show in costume when no one else was dressed up (which is totally hilarious and you should go read it NOW! But make sure you come back after, don't be like my husband and leave me for Jenny, oh wait.). This reminded me of my own embarrassing costume experience, but not wanting to overshadow Jenny ('cause you know, I'm just as wildly popular as she - in my own mind) I waited a few days to post it.

At Halloween our first year in Poland, my sons' teachers at their two separate schools encouraged the parents to dress up. I have a Wonder Woman costume.

A little back story here. Poles do not celebrate Halloween. Not really. They are just recently getting into the idea of sending children around collecting candy, but are never too sure about dressing their children up, let alone their adults.

I showed up at my son's Polish preschool in a Wonder Woman costume. Poles do not dress up unless they are completely drunk AND they don't celebrate Halloween AND I had to park down the block because there was no parking available AND they don't know who Wonder Woman is since they were under communism when that TV show came out. So I was just a drunk woman wandering around in red, white and blue underwear walking the 1/4 mile down the street in a residential neighborhood to my son's preschool. At noon, on a Wednesday.

I look amazingly like Lynda Carter. People think we're twins.


  1. Ha! That is freaking awesome.

    Just like your husband.


  2. I would never leave you for Jenny! She's funny, but you in a Wonder Woman costume roaming the streets of Poland is funnier!

  3. I bet that was a sight to see!!! LOL Girl, you crack me up!

  4. Holy cr*p...I'm laughing like an idiot. The sad, sad part was, my dear I KNOW, walking into your child's school, you WEREN'T drunk.

  5. That's an awesome story! If I did it, I'd be Wonder Woman's fat cousin I-Wonder-Woman. Oh, and drunk too.

  6. *snort* did you have the boots and whip and everything? Cause that would have teh awesome.


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