Tuesday, June 10, 2008

For your 14th birthday - an unplanned pregnancy!

Not really...but surprisingly similar.

See, for Pamela's birthday, her friends conspired and got her a chinchilla. They did not inform me of this until the day before in a situation where I could not talk to them about why this was a bad idea.

So, we now have a chinchilla. On the way back from Berlin, Dylan and I were finally able to have a conversation about the chinchilla and explain to Pamela how her friends have set her up for failure. They didn't mean to, but in a way this is like an unplanned pregnancy.

Dylan: So do you want to keep the baby or do you want to give it away?

Pamela (near tears): Yes, I want to keep it.

Dylan: Well, now you have to feed, house and bathe the baby (chinchillas can't take water baths and require a special "dust bath"). Do you have the money to do this?

Pamela: No.

Dylan: So how do you suggest that you will take care of this baby?

Pamela: Maybe you could loan me the money?

So that's where we are now. Loaning her the money to take care of this unplanned baby.

One of the friends (alarm girl) who conspired is having a birthday party on Friday. I think a good present for her would be an incontinent cat.


  1. That sounds like the perfect gift for said "friend." What in crap do you do with a chinchilla anyway! I know people don't wear them anymore, but are they really a good pet?!?! I bet it's soft anyway, you got to admit it is kinda cute and Pamela looks totally in love!

  2. I think I would be plotting against some kids...really where was the parents when this was being planned. My first question if Addie said she was doing this for a friend would be did you get the parent's permission. I would not be happy if Addie got a chinchilla. My neighbor got her a beta fish for her last birthday. She total ignores the fish most of the time so I am the one that has to take care of it. But thank goodness betas are low maintaince. Pamela does look like she is in love...but seriously it is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much!!! love the unplanned pregnancy analogy..it is so true.

  3. yes, the parents of the chinchilla giver should have had a conversation with you. chinchillas are cute, though. i say give the girl an incontinent cat.

    oy. must sleep. vicodin kicking in.

  4. I'd SO be giving that "friend" of hers two brand new, hyper as h*ll lab puppies. They stay hyper forever and their little tails knock over and break every d*mn thing around.

    I won't let my dd even buy her friends clear lip gloss without asking the parent. Geez.....


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