Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What do you call it? Strawcolate or Chocberry?

The other day Blaise dumped all of our Strawberry Nesquik into the Chocolate Nesquik, in an apparent attempt to create a new flavor. We haven't chosen a name for it yet, but I prefer Strawcolate. Ironically, Blaise doesn't like the new flavor.

A couple of you have been outraged by the chinchilla story. I cannot begin to answer your questions here, so be expecting an email from me. I will say, since "Where was the mother?" was a resounding theme in your comments, that I did talk to the mother of alarm girl yesterday. She was lied to under the impression that I had given my permission for the chinchilla.

I've learned two things from this experience:

  1. I know this girl MUCH better than her own mother does.
  2. If this should ever come up again, ALWAYS talk with the other parent YOURSELF.

and actually a third one. It's pretty hard to be funny when you are totally annoyed about a situation:).


  1. bahhahahah..strawcoloate?? chocberry!!! I can't believe he didnt like the new flavor.

  2. This is somewhat is Pamela’s defense- although I am by no means defending alarm girl. Perhaps I was too young to remember, but I don’t think Dylan paid for all the supplies for all of his childhood animals himself- rabbits (all those cages would have been to expensive), ferret, birds, hamsters, mice, fish, cats, dogs, and a rooster. Do they sell chinchilla dust on

  3. I say chocoberry. And I for one think it is pretty sad that you know alarm girl better than her mother, just from what I know about alarm girl it sounds as if she would do anything to get the attention she's not getting at home. I sure hope alarm girl's mother doesn't read your blog or you better delete my comment!

    disclaimer: My opinions are by no means a reflection of Kylie's!


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