Friday, December 12, 2008

Drinking in the Afternoon

This time of year in Poland, when the sun sets before the kids come home from school (I am not kidding), the Christmas/holiday season makes everyone act a bit more like heathens than usual, and there's not even any snow to make it a little brighter, people start to really dislike Poland.

I have chatted quite a bit with expats who don't like it here. I can relate, because the first time I was here I hated it.

Then I moved to Africa. And Poland looked like heaven.

But anyway, the other day I was talking to a new friend. She was telling me that she likes it fairly well here, the kids are getting on, she walks a lot and "I haven't started drinking at 2 in the afternoon. Yet."

And then I knew that she would be my BEST friend for the next 2 years.

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  1. I want to be part of that friendship, too!

  2. Here in the crabby outer-London town where I work people start drinking the moment Weatherspoons opens, which is 11am. The start-drinking time is probably the acid test for any town or city!

  3. LOL...amazing the things that tie friends together. :)

  4. Start drinking time?? Who stopped?

  5. I love that feeling when you make a "new" friend

  6. Ahh, synchronicity...don't you love it?

  7. wow. two years of drinking for one meeting. what a bargain! you can't beat that in today's economy!

    -steve @ fluxlife


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