Friday, December 05, 2008

When's Chanukah?

A fly on the wall would have been hearing this conversation EVERY DAY in my house lately:

Piglet: When's Chanukah?

Me: I don't know. I'll check for you.

Piglet: When do we put up the Menorah?

Me: We don't. We only put up the advent wreath.

Piglet: We should get a Menorah.

Me: Piglet, we're not Jewish. Chanukah is a Jewish celebration.

Piglet: Oh. So when do we put up the Menorah?

And he requests this song

every time we get in the car.

This is the same kid that loves that blue and white flag.

I firmly believe that my son, who thinks he's Polish, is planning to immigrate to Israel and convert to Judaism. And he's five.

Kelley's son, Boo and my Piglet would make great friends.


  1. He doesn't need to move to Israel. He can just come to NYC!

  2. Hmm, talk about an identity crisis. Poor little chap. On the up side, at least he is a free thinker!

  3. So cool! I think it's great that your kids are getting so much exposure to other countries and traditions...I think many 5-year-olds aren't even aware that there are other countries outside the one where they live.

    However, I can see where it could lead to some holiday confusion :-)

    Oh, and my verification word was "undorc". Does this mean that I am FINALLY not a dork any more? (And does it also mean that I have to get rid of my 8,000 "Star Trek - The Next Generation" tapes? Uh Oh.) Happy Friday!

  4. my sister thinks she's jewish. a few years ago, someone we recently befriended thought we were half sisters because she talked about being jewish so much.

    hey, did i tell you i just finished reading the zookeeper's wife? it takes place in warsaw during wwii. good book.

  5. Kudos to you for teaching your kids the joys of diversity. They'll be just fine no matter what label they hang on themselves.

    I can see the appeal of Chanukah, though: you get eight days instead of just one. In the eyes of a child, that's a pretty big reason to want to convert :)

    Thanks for the delightful glimpse.

  6. Yup. They will get on just fine!

    Oh and Boo is learning Cuban now.

    So he has been upgraded to A French/Cuban Israeli with an American Accent...

  7. I know this song- it's in Happy Holidays Elmo. Piglet will have to watch it at our house :)


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