Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Views of Warsaw

I have a confession to make, I don't actually live IN Warsaw. Yes, my name means Kylie IN Warsaw, but I don't actually live there.

You knew that was coming, right? You were always like, she can't possibly live in Warsaw, it's so exotic. There's no way.

Well, it's true, I don't.

I live in a rural suburb of Warsaw. Which is way less exotic, and much more...rural.

Rural meaning I pass fields and fields of cabbages on my bike path to my kids school. Rural meaning that I've actually been bitten by a horsefly, which the city doctor then told me was not possible because you only find them where there is livestock.

So anyway, I make a lot of trips INTO Warsaw, but rarely do I go to the Old Town.

Yesterday, I went shopping with friends in the Old Town. And I took my camera specifically to take photos for you, my readers.

You're welcome. And just so you know, my friends all think I'm crazy, but I'm pretty sure they thought that already. It probably had nothing to do with you. Probably.

Decorated empty street. At 9 AM on a Tuesday. And I live in a rural area.

The Mermaid. Um, there's a whole legend about her. She's kind of important here. And she looks like a badass. Even with the Christmas lights.

The tree at the Royal Castle.

And a creepy ass Santa Clause. I'm pretty sure his face is on upside down. Or it's melting off. Either way.

And don't forget to go and post here before midnight on 12 December to win a lovely Polish Christmas ornament.


  1. Is it really that picturesque? It's really beautiful...

  2. And I'm catching up on all your posts so yeah, lots of comments INCOMING.

  3. Looks lovely, will have to try a "city break" there. Although only if that Santa is removed!

  4. Sorry I've been remiss in visiting! Bad, bad, reader! I blame the holidays (that's my excuse for everything these days). Really. I want to curl up on the sofa with my knitting, a cat, and a James Bond marathon on TV. Instead, I've been running from one social obligation, I mean engagement, to another. Note: Women's "dress-up" clothing is NOT suited to freezing weather. Only an idiot (me) would prance outside in flimsy heels and a cocktail dress in December.

    Sorry again :-(

    Congrats on your 300th post! I am uhhh...nowhere near that.

    And gorgeous pics! I also take pictures of random stuff so that I can show everybody on my blog. So far I've taken pictures of my pets, my own hand, the highway, my shoes, my knitting...yep, my husband think I'm crazy. I can't wait to read the legend of the mermaid!

  5. Awesome should do a blog telling us about the mermaid. Also for your next 'giveaway' I suggest Ostrich eggs. My dad picked up a couple for my sister and I when he went to Warsaw a few years ago and they were gorgeous!! Huge painted eggs (obviously not checken eggs, but not sure what eggs they were). Painted and then the paint was 'scratched off' to make intricate designs. If I win I will send you cash to buy me a couple of these eggs and to send them all together :). Love the blogs!! Keep 'em comin'.

    My word verification is repti, so it that hinting to me that the eggs were reptilian in nature? Or maybe that I am repeating myself...

  6. thanks for the photos, and thanks for being honest. what i can't believe, is that you actually live in Poland. that's what blows my mind. don't ask me why, it just does.

    luv your post! you're probably one of the funniest bloggers out there. okay, you're THE funniest blogger out there. glad i came across your blog!...and thanks again for stopping by!

    -steve @ fluxlife

  7. you are amazing. I get bored staying with my parents in the suburbs after a week! and NYC is only half an hour away.

    Thank you for the pics. My parents were just in Krakow. Wow, wow. Really beautiful. Hope to go there one day myself.

  8. WTH is up with the person above my comment?
    and I've been with you forever..with the exception of my summer hiatus...
    and I'm still waiting for pictures of the hookers...
    love ya ;-)

  9. Oh, you make me all misty. The time I was ever in Poland, it was August, and my sister and I had to climb out the window of our hotel and catch a small breeze on the rooftop. We went to Lublin, too, and cried heaps.

    Anyhow, I flew out of Warsaw and felt the need to stock up on huge sausages before I left. Note to self: Polish sausages will mold up on you fiercely, bigtime. By the time you get home and unpack, you'll need a HazMat suit.

    Okay, I'm really here, O You My New Twitter Buddy, to say that you've left a couple really lovely comments on my blog, like, today, and they have been the one light in a sucky day. That your husband likes my FB-syndrome quote makes me ssssssssssoooooooo happy. That you like my blog (and I like yours, which we both knew) was so nice of you to articulate.

    I'm having a Kylie day. No matter where you live.

  10. Amy, Sorry, I deleted the comment above yours. So now it looks like you were talking about bernthis, but you weren't.

    Anonymous - if you would leave a way to contact you, I would explain why I deleted your initial comment. I prefer not to continue to debate in the comments.

  11. I've been lurking long enough. Popped in to read comments and noticed the word verification today is "santas". That seems like a sign of some sort, like I should be a good blogger and leave comments on blogs I enjoy. So I have.

  12. I love the big squares they have in Europe.


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