Monday, December 08, 2008

Hookers! Where?

If you're ever in Warsaw, the hookers are behind the Marriott. Not that you would ever be looking for hookers. But if you were, that's where they are.

That's where they were when we lived here in 2002 and that's where they still lurk, even though the area has been built up since then.

But recently, a friend of ours encountered a hooker at the bar at another hotel in town.

She was apparently quite brazen. Of course, I suppose if you were a good hooker you would need to be brazen. I don't have much experience with hookers.

Anyway, she approached our friend and said "I'm very good."

He said, "Okay, that's nice."

She said, "I don't like Big Mac, so I not fat like American women. I have small breasts."

He said, "You're not really selling me."

Hookers, take note. Telling a man that you have small breasts is not the best way to pick one up. Who would have thought?


  1. He should have asked if she liked McMuffins.

  2. Yeah, right. And then he told her that he prefers women who have more self respect than that.

    BTW, is there only one Marriott there? I don't want to be wandering around Warsaw.

  3. Mo - I should have comment of the day. I think you would win. And not only because you are the first.

    Marinka - Yes, there's only one Marriott. It's across the street from the main train station, you can't miss it.

  4. Yeah, small breasts just don't sell over here, or anywhere actually.

    But you've got to admire her attempts at marketing. She's not gonna just lay down and wait for business to come to her. :)

  5. I guess you have to get her credit for expanding her horizons and feeling out other hotels..

  6. I had to laugh, because I recently did a post on breast size, too. I'm not sure I'll be in Warsaw anytime soon, but I will know to be on the lookout for brazen small bewbs on the prowl.

  7. Please send this in to Best Posts of the Week :) Seriously. Link is on my sidebar if you want it....

  8. I'm with Marinka on this one. But Marinka, if you wanna go and hang out here, I'll go with you. Y'know...just for fun and all...

  9. That's funny. When I was a little girl, my dad told me I could grow up to be a model. For some reason I thought a model was a hooker, and I was horrified that he would encourage that! Anyways, I'm not a model!


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