Monday, December 15, 2008

Rockstar! - Updated

Because my husband is on Facebook and some of those Facebook friends also read my blog, sometimes he posts items that I don't necessarily intend to post about, but that apparently people still want to hear my take on.

It's a lot of pressure. "Write, Monkey! WRITE!"

This is one of those.

Because there is not enough to do in the holiday season, my older kids' school decided they needed to put on their version of "America's Got Talent". Friday night, Tigger got up and sang her heart out for the judges and her whole school.

And she was good. Amazingly good. So good that Dylan thought she was lip syncing to Christina Aguilera.

But, unfortunately for my blog, she did not fall off the stage or catch fire, and aside from a minor technical glitch with the microphone, everything went well.

Until it came to the judges.

And unfortunately, that one beyotch judge also did not catch fire.

It's surprisingly hard to start a fire with only stage lights and a camera lens.

And yes, I know the judges were just kids too. But she was a beyotch. Don't judge me. You weren't there.

It was at that point that I realized I could totally become that psychotic cheerleader mom who put out a hit on another teenager.

Not that the judge should take this as a threat. 'Cause it isn't.

But she might want to watch her back. Just sayin'.

Update: As obnoxiously pointed out by Melissa the cheerleader mom I mentioned actually put out a hit on the mother of the other teenager, not the teenager herself. Perhaps I should actually read the links I put up. Or put out a hit on Melissa.


  1. So you're a cheerleader huh? ;) The camera lens line made me laugh!

  2. A few months ago, there was an employee at Sam's Club who spoke sharply to my son (who is a sensitive, highly-well-behaved NICE KID), and I'm still thinking about driving my car into her.

  3. no threats here, not really. (we could SO totally take her out...)

  4. I reckon Vodka Mom could help you with some tips...oh yeah, there she is, already beat me to it. I'm with her: we could SO take her out...

  5. And then I read Jocelyn's comment and burst out laughing. I love your people, 'em.

  6. Haha! Next time you'll have to bring a sippy cup filled with gasoline. (But you didn't hear it from me.)

  7. is always good till some idiot judge gets involved.

    So let me get this would have been blogging your fingers off if some disaster had struck? Your whole family should be watching their backs! What might you do for a good post?!?!? :)

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I absolutely resent the insinuation that we (interested readers) are demanding and bossy. You just don't get can't get us 'hooked' on the story and then not expect us to beg for more when we need a 'fix'. I AM ADDICTED!! I admit it...I need help!! I am addicted to (slightly)crack(ed). I need more....more, I tell you...more…

    You are probably also upset that we are getting ‘samples’ from your partner in crime…you don’t provide the goods someone else will…

    My word verifivation is it a premonition that I am goign to get sick (coughing-U) or telling me cops are taking what I have written literally and are about to ambush my house?

  10. I thought that she took the hit out on the cheerleader's mom. I'm from TX, too.

  11. Meh. I hate smartarses.

    Unless they are me.

    And then I am all 'I am so awesome'

    I second the hit on Melissa.

  12. i came to visit and i am falling off my chair! how do you do it? i love your sense of humor!

    happy holidays from the fluxlife blog!

    -steve @ fluxlife

  13. Bad judging at least calls for a good kneecapping.


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