Wednesday, December 03, 2008

How to Make Mommy Take a Time Out

by Stewie

Step 1: Make counter sandwich.

Step 2: Throw BRAND NEW jar of Nutella against the white tile floor causing it to explode all over the white cabinets.

Step 3: Stand back and watch.

(Kylie here. Just to clarify I DID NOT CHOOSE to have a white kitchen. My husband's job, which owns the house, decided that white kitchens and bathrooms were THE thing - 'cause the person who made the choice did not have children.)


  1. I'm not sure what to say. I mean, what can I say? What a waste of Nutella. What destruction.

    I remember when I was four (ish) and my Dad had just painstakingly put up some wall paper in my room (it had bunnies and things on it...). I was lying in bed and I spotted a little crack. I spent the next few hours peeling off the stuff.

    To this day I don't know why I did it. Surely I would have known that a) it would make Daddy VERY cross and b) it would make a mess.

    So, I suppose I can relate. Where's that jar of Nutella...

  2. Here via Jocelyn. I had noticed your facebook comment. My teen is on myspace all the time, instead. I can't see the point in clokcing either thing. As for the nutella diasster - yikes. I've cleaned up more messes like this than I can count!

  3. Oh my. I'm sorry that a perfectly good Nutella had to come to such a tragic end.

  4. Oh my! Time Out indeed! White bathrooms are a royal pain in the patootie. Our house has 'em because the builders decided that that was the cheapest (I guess). They are so difficult to keep clean...

  5. That's kind of funny. Mainly because it's not my kitchen. Way to keep her on her toes, Stewie!

  6. Bright side? Showing independence in making his own sandwich.

    Yeah, I have to do a lot of spinning like that in my house. How did you guess?

  7. The title of your post, plus that photo...well, I don't need anything else in my day now. I'm done. There can be nothing funnier or better than what I've just seen.

  8. Number 1, yes a waste of good Nutella.
    Number 2, at least it's not what I first thought it was (Number Twos)!

  9. A counter sandwich with a Nutella filling sounds pretty yummy right now...hop you enjoyed your time out!

  10. Oy. I think I would need a LONG timeout. Like until Daddy came home to clean up the mess.

  11. When we moved into our house we had white floors in the kitchen and bathroom - who ever thought white was good for these areas was obviously a guy! Plus we live in the country - you gotta love the dirt!

    Nutella - so easy to clean up too!


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