Sunday, December 07, 2008

Pooh is Four

Today, my darling Pooh Bear is four. And also, I am very sick with an awful cold, which just sucks for me (and is why I have not been doing my blog hopping and why my writing is so poor).

He was due on December 6th. Daddy arrived at 10 PM on the 6th and Pooh Bear arrived at 8:01 AM on the 7th. That speaks volumes to his personality.

Pooh Bear with Kanga. Look at those thighs (his not hers)!

He was the fat, rolly-polly baby who didn't walk until he was 18 months old.

Through all his troubles, he's always been the easy going one. Well, mostly. He really hated school when he started, but we learned that was because he attended Polish preschool and he could only lip read in English. Although, after several months he became awesome at lip reading Polish too. (He's had surgery, because it was really only a minor problem that was causing his hearing loss - but unfortunately it went undetected for a long time. Long story short, he can hear now.)

A miserable existance for a 2 year old.

He was the one who fell through the stairs in Ghana and broke his collarbone when he was only 2. He was the one who got Tumbu flies. And all the while stayed fairly easy going.

May you be always the easy going one, Pooh Bear. It suits you.


  1. And he doesn't mind being called Pooh?

  2. Have a happy birthday, and feel better, mom!

    (lol at Mo's comment)

  3. Awww...happy birthday Pooh! Great story about how Pooh learned to lip read in 2 languages! Kids seem to be so adaptable...they seem to just deal with situations that would throw adults for a loop. And feel better, Mom!

  4. Happy Birthday, Pooh Bear.

    And feel better real soon, Mom.

  5. I want to squeeze him so hard.

    You know, in a loving way.

    Honey, that you can love your boy so much when you feel so crud is testament to Mamahood.

  6. Fell through the stairs??? ARGH!! I thought I was caught up on the family mishaps by now!! What happened withe h stairs and poor thing on the flies!!! YECK!

  7. i would like pooh's thighs in a thigh sandwich, please.


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