Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Walking and more on Toby

So I'll start with, I walked 7.5 miles yesterday! So now I've only got 1694.09 to go! Dylan said that if they stay gone the whole week that I'll get caught up:). And it was all on the treadmill, as the temps have dipped below freezing here and I don't like taking Blaise out in below freezing temps...not for 2 hours anyway.

But because I was on the treadmill and I have never been on the treadmill for that long continuously, at about minute 86 I started to wonder what would happen when it reached 99:59. So, I actually got off the treadmill (in case it stopped suddenly or blew up;) when it got to 99:54 to let it turn over without me on it. It just starts back over at 00:01, in case you were curious.

And because I didn't say WHY Toby had to go to Berlin, I'll touch on that. If you read everyday, you will remember when Toby was very sick (this post). Because that turned in to a rant on the healthcare that we have to deal with, I never really went back and posted any updates.

So it turns out that Toby has a secondary ear infection and an infected adenoid - which means that his adenoid is causing fluid to get trapped in his inner ear and all kinds of other problems, including some hearing loss which will hopefully return after he has the adenoid removed. He needs to have it removed, but TRICARE/ISOS wouldn't approve the surgery for Poland so we've had to work on getting him out. They sent him to Berlin to see another doctor, who agreed that he needs to have it removed and now they are waiting to see when and where they can go for the surgery (they is Dylan and Toby - we didn't just put Toby on a train and say "Now remember, get off when they say 'Berlin'":).

(I will not rant....I will not rant....I will not rant).

Oh, but I have a kind of funny thing...yesterday morning when Dylan woke me up to take him and Toby to Warszawa Centralna (the train station), he told me in a very sad voice "E.D. (our cat) is dying. She's lying on the floor, not moving. You'll need to take her to the vet and when the kids wake up make sure to let them say goodbye to her." So we tell Toby to say goodbye to E.D. and he does and we go. I come back and wake everyone for school and tell Seth and Pamela "Say goodbye to E.D. just because she is not well and is probably dying." I take everyone to school and then take E.D. to the vet. Turns out she was just DEHYDRATED! They gave her an IV and she was back to relative normal. Pamela called me later in the day (we've had E.D. since before Pamela was born) and asked about E.D. I was like, "Yeah, there's not really anything wrong with her." So I will NEVER do that to the children again. When the cat dies, it's just gonna be a surprise.


  1. WOW..the walking is awesome Kylie! I am sorry to hear about Toby but hope everything works out for him. I am glad the cat is okay. I know that must have been hard for you and the children thinking she was gone. I'll keep Toby in my prayers!

  2. is it crazy that I am laughing so hard right now at "if the cat dies it's just going to be a surprise"...LMAO...it must be my sense of humor...I'm so sorry toby is so sick and I hope you guys get that all worked out very soon..poor kid...!


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