Friday, August 08, 2008

Drunk, Drunk Baby

The other night, we were all sitting around in the living room. Now we all know that you cannot leave your drink unattended in this house for various reasons, not the least of which is because Blaise will take it and drink it or dump it all over you/himself/the floor/nice guests. It's also very likely that Daddy will dump it out, Toby will drink it all (and it will most probably contain apples in that instance), or (when we were in Ghana) the ants would be in it when you picked it up again.

Well, someone (and I will not point fingers here, but those who know will know;), left their Black Russian unattended and Blaise took a sip.

So my 2 year old took a sip of vodka mixed with Kahlua. And I, being the calm and collected person I pretend to be, laughed and lightly scolded the person who left said drink out.

And then didn't sleep at all that night.


  1. Ohhhh, how many time that has happened in our house. Usually diet coke ends up all over the floor.

  2. LOL - I bet he slept well that night. : )

    BoyChild got ahold of a Bacardi bottle of mine once and had some before I noticed. Social services!
    My friend had to point it out to me. I guess that's the problem with those fruity drinks. I'll have to stick with harder stuff.

  3. Another reason you will be mother of the year! lol I'm sure he's fine! I remember my next door neighbor's little boy came out of the house with a glass of wine when he 3!


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