Monday, August 25, 2008


A few nights ago we noticed a spotlight. In our backyard.

Pamela went to investigate.

It turned out that there was filming going on in the house behind ours.

We started bouncing ideas off each other. Is it porn? Maybe a photo shoot? No one lives there, and the garden is unkempt, so maybe a public service announcement on how you should keep your lawn manicured?

It turned out to be this:

We were excited. Stupid excited, since we don't even watch Polish television.

We sent Pamela on a recon mission. I sent her with my camera. She returned with these:

Dylan made her stand on the fence and "prune the trees", which Pamela has never done and when she does it, it looks as though she is braiding the tree's hair.

When they spotted her, she said "What? I'm just standing here on my fence post in MY backyard. Pruning my trees. It's MY backyard, I can do what I want!"

Probably good that they didn't speak English.


  1. That is really cool, you'll have to watch that episode. I can just see Pamela "pruning" trees while stalking the camera

  2. Ha! I need to send the Golden One out with my camera. I would love to see what he came back with!

  3. There is never a dull moment in your household, Kylie!!!! You need to be sure and watch that episode to see if Pamela is in it.

  4. I think somebody needs to accidentally fall don't you?
    Some action/adventure to add to the action/adventure.


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