Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our Own Brand of Crazy

Conversation in the car:


Blaise: NO! SHOES! (Loud incoherent babbling)


Blaise: NO! SHOES! (points madly at the floorboard and babbles incoherently and angrily)

Me: Toby IS NOT wearing Blaise's shoes. Toby is wearing Toby's shoes.

Seth: HE IS!

Me: He is not. He is wearing his own shoes.

Dylan: Doesn't Blaise have shoes exactly like that?

Me: Blaise has shoe similar to those. But only one.

Dylan: Well that will be very helpful if he loses his leg in a freak dishwasher accident.

Me: No. Because it would definitely be the wrong leg he would lose.

Dylan: Do you think there's a website where people who have only one leg can trade shoes? You know, why should you have to buy a pair when you're only going to wear one? You know there has to be a site where people can go and meet up with someone who has a right foot when they have a left and they can just mail the other shoe to each other.

Me: Wouldn't it be hard to find someone who was missing the opposite leg who also wore the same size shoe?

Pamela: I'm not doing the dishes any more if there's a chance that I could lose a leg.


  1. Kylie, I love checking your site before I go to work. It lets me start my day off with a good chuckle!

  2. Kylie, you're killing me! I would love to spend the day with your "crazy" family!


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