Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Unfortunate Circumstances

Toby, my 3 year old, has the smallest bladder in the world. This makes traveling through Europe particularly challenging. It seems like every 10 minutes Toby shouts "PEE, PEE!" at the top of his lungs.

When we're driving, it's not nearly as much of a problem as when we're walking through old towns. Pulling over so he can pee in the grass is not nearly as insulting as when he pees on the side of a 1000 year old castle. Hey, don't judge me, toilets cost $1 or more to use and he's a boy.

In Prague though, Toby shouted his call while we were walking back to our hotel/apartment and Dylan jumped into the first door he saw. I stared at the sign and stared at him and tried to comprehend why he had just taken my 3 year old (and the 2 year old in the baby backpack) here:
Yep, that's a strip club. So now Toby can tell everyone that he peed in a strip club. When he was 3.


  1. Niiiiiice*!*
    I PRAY he washed his hands (*gag*)

  2. I LOVE that story!! Can i use it?? haha as long as he doesn't meet his future wife there.



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