Thursday, August 21, 2008

Two Words - Now With Pictures

Seth started Kindergarten today.

I have been told several times that it is amazing that he is in class with all of his friends. Actually, all the children (with the exception of one) that went to his previous school are in his class.

I don't think this is that amazing. I know the person who does the class assignments. I asked her for this for my son.

Oh and did I mention that she happens to be the mother of the child who duped us into taking on another pet?

I have two words: chinchilla guilt.

I'm wondering how long I can milk this.


  1. Hey milk it for all it's worth! She owes you big time. lol

  2. yaayyy!! the chinchilla paid for itself!!

    what do chinchillas do? is it noisy? does it eat shoes?

    cute kids =)

    oh, it's yo.

  3. Chinchillas don't do much of anything. They sit in their cage and make mean noises at people.

    And throw poo.

    Or maybe that's just ours.

  4. tell Pamela I love her hair!

  5. Guilt trips can be wonderful!

  6. I am SOO excited for him! and the whole chinchilla thing is just too damn cool...

    you can always make a coat out of it later!!! (did I say that out loud??)


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