Monday, August 04, 2008

Free Samples, With Your Movie

Does this happen in the States?

We went to see Wall-E over the weekend. When you walk into the movie theatre they check your tickets and then usually hand you some sort of sample. The day we went to see Wall-E it was this:

I'm guessing they give you coffee so that you don't fall asleep during the movie. A movie that's entire dialog consists of "Wall-E!?" "Eva!" Which, when written, doesn't make the movie seem all that interesting.

In the past, I have also been given cereal (which made a nice snack during the movie), a variety pack of cleaners that Nivea makes (maybe you're supposed to clean yourself up before you go into the theater?), Coke Zero (which was actually a very popular giveaway when they introduced it here - McDonald's was also involved in the Coke Zero giveaway - I'm pretty sure, in true European fashion, they are fazing out Coke Light and making us switch to Coke Zero) and women's razors.

Do you usually get free samples at the theater in the States? Or anywhere else in the world for that matter?


  1. I don't think we get free sample, but then I don't go to enough theaters to know.

    Personal pet peeve/anxiety inducer but I think I may break out the pills to go see "The Dark Knight".

    Oh - and definitely nothing in Kenya. Just a lot of folks who think 'Braveheart' was high comedy. *sigh*

  2. Alice - Ha! We didn't have movie theaters in Ghana or Syria either. Dylan and I used to get a video tape and take it to a friends' house who was out of town that week (and had given us permission) and would go "to the movies". I actually forgot that we had movie theaters here one day and asked Dylan if anyone we knew was out of town so that we could go "to the movies". Yeah, he thought I'd lost my mind.

  3. Nothing free here...we get pay $5 for a enormous coke and $7 enormous popcorn, but they say and you get FREE refills! I don't think any human could eat that much popcorn in the course of a 90 minute movie!

  4. Give-a-ways at the movies????? Not here that I know about.

  5. No free samples here..just overpriced concession stands. Did the kids like Wall-E? Addie wants to see it but I have heard there is very little dialogue.


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