Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The One Where The Tooth Fairy Gets Her Money!

Seth – I know where the tooth fairy gets her money.

Me (‘cause I’m a bad mom) – She sells the teeth.

Seth – NOOOO!

Me – Does she get it from Santa?

Seth - No! She gets the money from God. Does God have lots of money?

Me – I don’t think God needs money.

Seth – If He had lots of money, I know where He’d be. At the store, buying ice cream.


  1. okay, I just laughed out LOUD. I love that. Of COURSE God's at the toy store. Where else would he be? (That certainly clears things up for me- I've been wondering where the hell He is...)

  2. My boy is going into 2nd grade and still believes in the tooth fairy too. What age does all that start to break down?

  3. I'm with vodka mom...I had a real good chuckle when I read this one. I take it Seth really likes ice cream if he thinks that's where God would be if he had money.

  4. Aw, Seth is too cute for words! That was so funny, I laughed out loud! I know if I were God and had lots of money I'd buy ice cream too


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