Friday, August 15, 2008

Shoes. Let's Get Some Shoes.

Now, I am not a shoe person. If I could, I would ALWAYS be barefoot. I'm all about comfort and while I appreciate cute shoes, would much rather not ever have to wear anything that has a heel.

Poles, however, are big on shoes. This is why I usually stand out in a crowd. My shoes are not all that fashionable.

Anyway, Pamela and I were sitting in a random parking lot during one of our trips and we saw this woman.
Okay, am I the only one who looks at those shoes and thinks "Stripper!"? Or am I just not up on the fashion right now?

So, after I snapped these photographs (yes my daughter tells me I totally look like a stalker, sitting in a parking lot with my Canon, taking photos of random strangers. I'm okay with that.) we watched her for a few more minutes. She had come out of the grocery store and walked to the car, loaded the groceries and returned the cart. Then she went back to the car and CHANGED HER SHOES! To ones that didn't look like stripper shoes (but still had high heels) and totally matched her outfit, but would not have made me look twice at her.

So she only wore the stripper shoes for the supermarket. And somehow, I am a crazy person in this country.


  1. Maybe it made it easier for her to reach the creamed corn on the top shelf.
    Oooo did they light up too? Those kind of say "tackier than the usual stripper".

  2. i hate shoes too and totally go barefoot whenever I can. I wonder how people can walk in shoes like that? I can barely manage in flipflops. maybe she only wears them to the grocery store because she has that cart infront of her to help with the balance?

  3. She wore those shoes to walk around the grocery store? How did she keep from falling off of them?

    I love shoes. But unfortunately I have reached an age where shoes don't love my back and knees. So I have to settle for flats, loafers, etc. Now I hate to shop for shoes.

  4. OMG!!!! How funny is that, those are truly stripper shoes, she must be one cuz' I think only strippers know where to get those, I've never seen them at the mall! I would break an ankle in those things.

  5. That is classic. Maybe it was a dare- or maybe the person who GAVE her the shoes worked in that store, and she didn't want to offend..or maybe she killed the Wicked Witch of the West, stole THOSE magic shoes, etc.

    I could go on and on...but I hate shoes.

  6. so I left the comment marked anonymous- how did that happen?????

  7. at least they didn't have goldfish in the heels.


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