Saturday, November 22, 2008

Aliens Stole My Dead Leaves!

I came home and the garbage gate was open. I've talked about this before, and I'm too lazy and forgetful to link it here, but we have a weird little house for our garbage cans. It's separate from the people house and it has two gates, one from the inside of the fence, for us to put our garbage in, and one from the outside of the fence, so the garbage men can get the garbage out.

Anyway, the inside gate was open. And because I'm a slight bit paranoid, I interrogated asked the children nicely which one of them had left the gate open. They all lied through their teeth claimed innocence.

When I approached the front door, I noticed the pile of leaves, that I had been keeping there because I really enjoy it when dead leaves fly into my house when I open the door and not because I was too damn lazy to sweep and rake, was gone. I looked around the yard and noticed an absence of leaves.

That's right. Aliens Zombies The Terminator Someone broke into my yard and RAKED all of my leaves.

It's days like this that Poland rocks!

As long as they weren't just clearing a path so that they don't slip and fall when they make off with all my belongings.


  1. That cracks me up! We have an old lady on our street that rakes up all the leaves, sweeps up the's not her job, but it's nice that she takes pride in the street. I guess it gives her something to do. Well, I'd rather have a leaf bandit than the trash bandit that likes to attack our little garbage house!

  2. Maybe there is some black market in fallen leaves. In which case I would worry just in case your trees don't make quota. :)

  3. Wow! Can you send those guys over here to take out my trash, scoop out the catbox and clean a couple of birdcages? Thanks :-)

  4. I think Cameron over at Gimme the Juice stole them. He's been burning leaves over there like there's NO tomorrow.

  5. I'm sending my yard over. Let me know when it's done...


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