Sunday, November 09, 2008

Evil Gnomes

I spent last week, when Piglet and Tigger were out of school, doing a deep clean of the house. Fall cleaning, if you will. In order to actually get rid of things, I need the children to leave. I asked Tigger to take her brothers to the park while I cleaned their room.

Tigger: Do I have to? Can't I just take them outside?

Me: If you stay with them.

Tigger: Okay.

15 minutes later she was back inside playing Icy Tower.

20 minutes later, Pooh Bear came running up the stairs.

Pooh: Mommy, I have some so funny bad news. (He says this every time he wants to tell me something, not because he was laughing at his brother's pain. Although that wouldn't surprise me.)

Me: What is it?

Pooh: Piglet is bleeding.

After we cleaned him up. Note the nasty scratches on his nose, cheek and forehead. He looked worse the next day. But at least he's a happy injured person.

Apparently, Piglet had a fight with the garden gnome. I'm not sure who won.

The face of evil!


  1.'s always the gnome's fault. (If there are no gnomes handy, "Nobody" or "I don't know" works too :-) Glad everyone is ok!

  2. I think the gnome won!!! (this time!)


  3. Your story bears out everything I've always suspected about yard "art," the gnomes especially.

    And now I know about Icy Tower! Woo-hoo!

  4. If Piglet does good work, I might just need to hire gnome issues never stop.


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