Saturday, November 15, 2008

Now That the Smoke Has Cleared...

from all those burning McCain - Palin signs, I'd like to take moment to speak of the election.

"What election?", you say, "You've never spoken of an election. It's like it didn't even exist to you."

But, I assure you, it did exist to me. It's just that this blog is about my family and my funny stories, and I didn't feel the need to share my political point of view. Even my real life blog friend, Globetrekking Mom, didn't know how I voted until Obama won.

So, this won't be a political post.

My Nigerian gym "friend" had a conversation with me (because he doesn't quite get the what I thought was universal, "I have my earbuds in AND I'm reading a book, that's your cue NOT TO TALK TO ME", concept) about the then upcoming election. He had a few very good points, but the most poignant moment was when he asked me, because Owl works for the U.S. Government, "If Obama wins, will you have to leave?"

I was puzzled. "No. It means absolutely nothing to our tour here. Either one can win and we're here for as long as we're here."

I puzzled about that one for several hours afterward. Then I realized that in many parts of the world, parts of the world that I have lived in, getting a job with the government is not a matter of being the best one for the job. It's a matter of who you know.

And that, my friends, is why you SHOULD vote. Because of my Nigerian friend who doesn't have any say in his government. Because of all those people out there who may not have a job/home/life tomorrow when someone else "takes" office.

Because you can.

I realize I'm a little late in this. Just like always.


  1. Great post. Although I do think that sometimes it is who you know, even for us.

  2. Amen sister, preaching to the choir! I was truly amazed at the number of first time voters in this election, I have voted in every election since I was 18. It's a right so many people take for granted.

  3. Maybe late but still timely. :)

    I think Marinka is right to a certain extent, but on the aggregate, it doesnt' matter.

  4. Great post, Kylie. We are very, very fortunate here.

    And I loved your observation that some folks see you with headphones AND your nose in a book, and take that as a cue to talk to you. I commute by mass transit (bus) and I observe the same phenomenon nearly every day! People invariably start talking to me despite my headphones...and they look a little miffed when they realize I can't hear them and/or when I put the headphones back on after the requisite small talk :-)


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