Monday, November 17, 2008

Maybe You Could Get An Invisibility Cloak

I live within walking distance of my older kids' school. On the corner across from the school, as in every location in Warsaw, there is a corner grocery store. I use this store for a lot of my shopping.

What this means though, is that in addition to my children, I get to see everyone else's children, because a store near a school immediately becomes a teen hang out.

In addition to groceries the store sells copious amounts of alcohol and cigarettes. Yep, you can see where this is going.

There's one "child" (can you call them children when they're older than 16?) that I see just about every day at the school. He waves and says hi and is very polite.

When I see him in front of the store smoking and whatnot, I say hello and he pretends that he does not see me. Apparently there is an invisibility shield in front of the store. I'm not sure which one of us becomes invisible, but I totally hope it's me, 'cause I could harness that for all kinds of other interesting activities. Although, seeing as I can still see him, it MUST be me. To do list for today: Buy vegetables, make dinner, harness invisibility mechanism.

Last week, he saw Tigger walking up to the store (apparently the invisibility shield works only on me) and he said "Um, did you see what I was doing?"

She said "Yep."

He said, "Don't tell your parents, 'k?"

She said, "Um, you DO know that my parents are NOT stupid, right? My mom has seen you many, many times."

He stared at her blankly. She kept walking.

So, anyone have any ideas on how to harness this invisibility shield? Think of the possibilities!


  1. are definitely invisible. I would like such a power, only I would use it at home when I need some quiet time...

    "Mom, where are you? Mom?"

  2. WHAT!!! 2 POSTS AND NOTHING ABOUT HOW "STEWIE" BURNED HIS HAND??? IS HE OK? YOU ALL OK? I CAN'T BELIVE DYLAN ACTUALLY PROVIDED MORE DETAILS THAN YOU!! I know this is supposed ot be funny haha stuff but as you started in your last post this is your family stuff too and if somethign happened 'we' want to know so we can help comfort too. Many hugs & kisses!!

  3. We're handed that invisibility cloak at some point, but I can't decide when...

    Now where did I put that damn thing????

  4. Masi (I like calling you that, now that I know what it means:) - Little secret here, I write when I'm inspired and schedule my posts for later. So often, what I'm talking about happened weeks ago (shhhh). I do have a Stewie burning hand in the works, but I ran out of inspiration which is why it hasn't posted yet. Plus, he has a follow up appointment today and hopefully I'll be inspired more by that;).

  5. I want to get an invisibility cloak! Do they come in fall colors?

  6. When you figure out how to harness that invisibility shield, do let me know! It sounds a lot like a magical ability that my mom had - she quite literally had eyes in the back of her head! How she always knew what we were up to, I'll never know.

    In addition to the invisibility shield, I would also like to invent a hologram of me that I can send off to disagreeable places - work, the doctor's office, etc. - while I kick back with a pina colada and some bonbons :-)

    And thanks for visiting my Fun Monday! You are hereby deputized to pick up a Claddagh for me if you are ever in Ireland :-) (Really, if you get a chance to visit other parts of Europe, I highly recommend it...and you don't even have to be my personal shopper. Just post some pics of wherever you go!)

  7. I'm pretty sure it's he, not you, who is cloaked in invisibility. It's not that he can't see you; he's sure you can't see him. That's what it is to be a teenager who's smoking, right?

    I was also invisible, when I was 15 and hiding a bottle of Sloe Gin in a bush and a cop pulled up. He couldn't see me.

    Except, somehow, he did.

  8. Talk about bursting my bubble here!! Here I was naively thinking you had cool stuff happeneing to you everyday so you had a ton of stuff to write. Talk about shattering my illusions!! I was living vicariouly through you and your kids!! My days are so boring and mundane...I thought it was just me...I guess I should take some solace in the fact that you have down days too :) - Hugs to all of Masi's 'nephews' and neice.


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