Friday, October 17, 2008

My UN Day

Yesterday was UN Day (It's not actually UN Day, that's just the day it was observed). This is a totally awesome “holiday” that my kids’ school pulls off every year. It’s a way to celebrate the diversity of the school and to gorge yourself on fabulous Asian food.

Some may argue that it's a way to promote your country through propaganda (my son came home with pens from 3 different nations, coins, and flag pins and last year he had nothing but good things to say about the country with the blue and white flag - a special prize for the first one who knows it), but I say diversity. We're celebrating our diversity! To say nothing of the pens I'm ordering for our table to give away next year. It's all about diversity.

When we awakened, Seth was so excited. “I have to wear a shirt with the flag of my country!” He says it this way because he really has no flipping idea what his country is. In school, they were making the hats to wear for UN Day to represent their countries and my son made a Polish flag hat. Yeah, we’re not Polish.

So, I dug through Seth's wardrobe thinking for sure that like all good Americans we have the Old Navy American flag T-shirts. Yeah, we do. For Toby and Blaise and Dylan and Pamela. Seth and I do not have these (and ironically we were the only ones born OUTSIDE the United States). So I dug through Pamela's wardrobe and found an old t-shirt that says “America” on it. Yeah, that’ll work.

So I sent my 5 year old BOY to school wearing a girl’s “America” T-shirt. Hey, at least it didn’t have sequins. Wait! No, it didn't have sequins. (Dodged that bullet)

I asked him, “Would you like me to paint a flag on your face?”

He said, “Um, YEAH!”

So I painted a 10 striped, 15 starred American flag on his cheek. Don’t judge me.

That's a B'Merican flag, y'all.

I asked Pamela “Would you like a flag painted on your face?”

She said, “No, thanks. I’m good.”

Moody teenager.

Then, even though Toby doesn’t go to the same school, I asked Toby.

He responded, “you’re completely insane if you think I want that crap on my face No.” Toby’s not a big fan of the face paint.

So we have Seth, in his girls’ America shirt and blue jeans with a baseball cap and a flag painted on his face. How much do you want to bet he will tell people he’s from Poland?

And Pamela, who does have a flag t-shirt, comes down wearing a pink, white and blue striped shirt.

I said, “So you’re the pacifist American?”

I dressed in a red blouse (‘cause I have a kick ass red blouse) and a lapis and pearl necklace. ‘Cause I’m all about being patriotic (even though I can’t stand the way red and blue look together, can’t we change it to blue and orange?).

I realize I look totally creepy in this picture. You see, I'm taking this film class and right now we're studying German expressionism. Well, I'm German (1/4 anyway) and this is my expressionism. Not really, it's just the best I could do with available light and a mirror, but I had you going right?

The day got better,but I'm going to make you wait. I have to keep you coming back right?


  1. I needed a good laugh!!! I saw Seth and I didn't even notice the shirt. Had it had sequins I would have noticed and questioned your judgement:-) That picture of you was hilarious. Is that your mom "look", the one that indicates mom is going to blow? I, like you have very limited red, white and blue clothing. I did the blue jeans with t-shirts that had red, blue and some white in them. And I gave him a flag pin so he can feel all presidential!

  2. GREECE!!! i didn't even finish reading your post. now i will.

  3. that sounds GREAT. I love that you painted the cute flag on his face. Waiting for part 2...

  4. I know what your kids are getting for Christmas!

  5. Love the flag you painted on his face.

  6. Wonder what Boo would do. Seeing he is an Israeli Frenchman with an American accent. At least the colours won't clash.

    And the Aussie flag is red white and blue but our national colours are yellow and green. *vomit*

  7. Israel's flag comes to mind because it is the only blue and white flag I know off hand.

    Glad that the shirt didn't have any sequins and I don't look forward to teenage moody years to come!!!

  8. And we have a winner! RobinDiane, send me your address and I'll send you a special Polish surprise:).

    Although, Greece was an awesome guess. I honestly did not know that Greece's flag was blue and white (sad, I know).

  9. OMG you are so funny! I can so hear Pamela, I'm good, I heard that a lot during the teen years!


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